Federal candidates Q&A: Madeleine Hardin, Liberal

Madeleine Hardin

Madeleine Hardin

Occupation: Communications/Media instructor UFV

Marital Status: Married, three adult children

Political Experience: Member of the Liberal Party 10 years, secretary of the Abbotsford riding association

Community Involvement: Clayburn Village Society, Xaytem Longhouse (Mission), Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Reach Gallery Museum board of directors, and has raised approximately $10 million for various causes.


What are the most important issues of this campaign to you?

Democracy is the most important issue. When a government is found to be in contempt of Parliament for the first time ever, people should take notice.

The Stephen Harper government has been found to have misled Parliament about the costs of its initiatives, and shows contempt by having twice prorogued parliament.

It resonates with me. I’m deeply concerned about the state of our democracy.


What issues are you hearing from the public?

Youth unemployment is twice the national average, and students are graduating with $40,000 in student loan debt.

There are also concerns about the economy. I would like to explode the myth that Conservatives are good money managers. They aren’t. Harper took a $13-billion surplus and turned it into a deficit – even before the recession hit. Sir John A. MacDonald was the last Conservative to turn a deficit into a balanced budget.


Is the P3 water plan good for Abbotsford, and is promoting P3s good public policy?

If Abbotsford did not have to spend money to fund one-third of the two new interchanges (they cost $32.5 million in total) on Highway 1, it would be better able to afford its water infrastructure. Highways infrastructure projects should be 100 per cent funded by senior government.

The Liberal party generally supports P3 projects, but the federal P3 plan is not working, because municipalities do not think it offers a good deal.


Is the HST a federal election issue?

It’s becoming one. People are really angry, and they’re right to be angry.

Because former premier Gordon Campbell said he was not considering the HST, and then implemented the tax once elected.

People feel duped.


Why should Abbotsford voters support you?

I’m fresh, I’m new, and I offer a new perspective.

Who do you want in charge of your health care – Stephen Harper who says it’s not supportable, or the government who, along with Tommy Douglas, brought it in? It is more important to fund health care than build more prisons. The Liberals are the compassionate choice.It’s more important to spend money on families than on fighter jets.

We bring hope, not fear and despair.