Federal candidates Q&A: David MacKay, Marxist-Leninist Party

Occupation: Retired postal worker and ESL teacher
Marital status/children: Father of two

  • Apr. 29, 2011 10:00 a.m.
David MacKay

David MacKay

Occupation: Retired postal worker and ESL teacher

Political experience: Has been a political activist since his youth when he was involved in the movement against the Vietnam War at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. He continues to advocate against the privatization of vital services like the post office.


What are the most important issues of this campaign to you?

The most important issues of this campaign are those of democratic renewal – ending the dictatorship of the present old-line parties including the NDP – and the election of anti-war candidates to the next Canadian Parliament.


Is the P3 water plan good for Abbotsford, and is promoting P3s good public policy?

I  must say that on an ideological basis I am opposed to P3s since it is only through publicly  and democratically controlled resource and public service plans that the interests of the people will be guaranteed.


Do you see the HST as a federal election issue?

As far as the HST is concerned, I don’t believe in regressive sales taxes whether supposedly  “harmonized” or not. Taxation is an issue at the election of any level of government and in this case the responsibilities of two levels do overlap at the present time.


What is your reaction to the federal government being found in contempt of parliament?

My reaction to the federal level of government being found in contempt of Parliament is that this was long overdue, but I am more concerned that the present government is in contempt of the Canadian people. My belief is that the Tories represent all that is bad in the Canadian body politic.


Why should the people of Abbotsford vote for you?

The people of Abbotsford should vote for me because of the policies of the party I am standing for – in the hope that the election of those who oppose our dying economic, political and constitutional system will give new support and courage to all those fighting against war, poverty and injustice.