Enrolment climbs in Abbotsford school district

There has been an increase of 80 students above projections

Kevin Godden

Kevin Godden

Preliminary student counts indicate that enrolment in the Abbotsford school district may have increased by 80 students, a rise above expectations and one that will bring both opportunities and challenges.

The district has seen little increase in recent years, with modest fluctuations of around 20 students or so. This year’s increase is substantially more than that, and – should it hold through the annual audit – will bring with it a commensurate increase in funding from the provincial government.

“A positive increase in enrolment is always great in the school district,” Superintendent Kevin Godden said.

The growth is not uniform, however, with schools on the east side of the district experiencing more growth than those on the west side. That has posed some challenges as the district looks to make room in those schools with more students.

Divisions have been added at four elementary schools, and subtracted at two schools. But with Sandy Hill and McMillan elementary schools already at capacity, 18 students from the two schools are being bused to Prince Charles and Mountain elementary schools, respectively.

Among the middle schools, Abbotsford middle has seen the largest jump in enrolment, while Fraser and Clayburn middle schools are both full.

The district has over 19,000 students.