ELECTION NIGHT: Updates from Abbotsford Conservative camp

Incumbent MP Ed Fast is seeking to retain his seat in the Abbotsford electoral district.

Abbotsford MP Ed Fast watches results come in from his campaign headquarters Monday.

Abbotsford MP Ed Fast watches results come in from his campaign headquarters Monday.

Reporter Tyler Olsen is at the camp of Ed Fast, where the longtime Conservative MP and supporters are watching results come in at the Elks Hall on Second Avenue. Watch this story for live updates.

9 p.m. Fast, who has won his seat but lost his spot in government, thanked supporters in a speech and promised to continue to work for Abbotsford in Ottawa.

“You will have a voice in Ottawa to ensure Abbotsford gets its share of federal government investment,” he said.

He later told The News he doesn’t know what his role will be in opposition, but expects to spend more time here now that he is no longer International Trade Minister.

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8 p.m. With 21 of 183 polls reporting, Fast has garnered about 48 per cent of the local vote. He has never pulled in less than 60 per cent in three previous federal elections.

7:40 p.m. Although the 70 or so gathered here still evince signs of optimism, Ed Fast concedes the Conservatives won’t form the next government.

Speaking to The News after the projection of a Liberal majority, Fast said “Canadians have spoken and we accept their judgment.”

“I look back with great pride at many of the accomplishments we achieved for Canadians,” he said, pointing to reductions in taxes as well as the government’s trade agenda, which Fast personally oversaw as Minister of International Trade.

“I sense that after 10 years in power, Canadians were looking for a change. I’m not sure the change they’re going to get one that is going to deliver what they expected, but I certainly wish the new government all the best.”

7:20 p.m. Results from the first of 183 polls to reports, likely advance votes, show Fast has taking 359 of 589 votes cast. Big cheer as early returns appear on TV. There are upwards of 60 people here now gathered in two rooms and an adjoining tent.

Every time Fast is mentioned on the television, a big cheer goes up.

Scene at Ed Fast HQ in Abbotsford

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7 p.m. Incumbent MP Ed Fast was widely expected to retain his seat in Parliament, but most of the attention are on national figures, which saw the Liberal Party leap out to an early lead in Atlantic Canada.

Fast has spent the last four years as the country’s Minister of International Trade, most recently leading Canada’s Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiating team. His position in cabinet depended on the Conservatives triumphing tonight.

Polls across much of the country – from Quebec all the way to Alberta – closed just half an hour ago at 6:30 p.m., so results from those ridings have just begun to trickle in and Global, CBC and CTV have all declared a Liberal government.

The mood, though, at Fast’s headquarters in Abbotsford remains hopeful that a Conservative victory is possible.


Scene at camp of Abbotsford MP and Conservative cabinet minister Ed Fast

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