Tuesday, May 9, is Election Day in B.C.

Tuesday, May 9, is Election Day in B.C.

ELECTION 2017: Everything you need to know before you cast your ballot in Abbotsford

Find out more about your riding and the candidates and the issues before - not after - you vote.

Today is Election Day. Here’s what you need to know.

How and where do I vote?

The Elections BC folks have the best run down. Click here. Find an interactive map of polling stations here.

What riding do I live in?

Abbotsford South includes all of Abbotsford south of Highway 1, along with central Abbotsford south of South Fraser Way and, from the historic downtown, Essendene Avenue and Old Yale Road to Sumas Way. Read our profile of the riding here. See a map here.

Abbotsford West includes areas to the east of 264th Street, to the north of Highway 1 South Fraser Way and Old Yale Road, and to the west of Highway 11 and Sumas Way. The northern boundary is the Fraser River. Read our riding profile here. See a map here.

Abbotsford-Mission includes all of northeast Abbotsford to the east of Highway 11 and Sumas Way and the north of Highway 1. It also includes the central and western portions of Mission. Read our riding profile here. See a map here.

Tell me more about the candidates!


At the start of the campaign, we gave each candidate a questionnaire to fill out. Most did.

Abbotsford West

Mike de Jong (BC Liberals)

Preet Rai (NDP)

Lynn Simcox (Christian Heritage Party)

Kevin Eastwood (Green Party)

Dave Sharkey (Libertarian Party)

Abbotsford South

Jasleen Arora (NDP)

Ron Gray (Christian Heritage Party)

Darryl Plecas (BC Liberal)

Aird Flavelle (Green Party)


Dan Cameron (Christian Heritage Party)

Simon Gibson (BC Liberals)

Andrew Christie (NDP)

Green Party candidate Jennifer Homes has not submitted her questionnaire.

That’s not enough.

That’s what we thought. So we asked them questions, on camera. Most co-operated. Click through below to see videos for candidates in each riding.

Abbotsford West candidate videos

Abbotsford South candidate videos

Abbotsford-Mission candidate videos

Weren’t there some all-candidates meetings?

There were. We went to a few (even if not all the candidates did).

Abbotsford West

Abbotsford South


What about the issues?

We wrote stories about affordable housing, campaign financing, the overdose crisis, paying for their promises, and the widening of Highway 1 and transit links to Vancouver.

What do the kids think?

Many cast votes too. Results from the student vote will be released after polls close. We also chatted with a few on Monday.

Is that all?

You can find more election coverage at abbynews.com/tag/bc-election-2017.

I like classic 90s sitcoms and political stories. Got anything for me?


What about when I’m done voting?

Stay on abbynews.com and our Facebook page. We’ll be updating them both throughout the day.

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