Election 2014: Lyle Caldwell seeking council seat

City of Abbotsford: Candidate wants to revive city’s business hub reputation - Council candidate

Lyle Caldwell

Lyle Caldwell

Lyle Caldwell, who worked for the City of Abbotsford for almost four decades, will run for a seat at the council table.

The former fleet superintendent said he wants to revive Abbotsford’s reputation as the business hub of the Fraser Valley and focus on creating jobs.

“I want to see a safe, vibrant and business-friendly city that will provide a good job climate and a secure future for my children and grandchildren.”

He said he wants to see a return to transparency and integrity at the council table and to regain the trust of the public in local government.

To nurture Abbotsford’s economy, Caldwell says it’s crucial to establish a more business-like and business-ready atmosphere at city hall. He said he would like to see the creation of a business information ‘concierge’ counter at city hall.

He said another key strategy will be to enhance opportunities for the aerospace sector, while welcoming other industries to the city’s industrial land, as well as encouraging plans to redevelop the city core and to boost residential density in order to create a cosmopolitan centre.

Caldwell, like his late wife and former city councillor Christine, said he is a strong proponent of the community’s arts, culture and heritage.

He sees Mill Lake as a jewel in the city centre that could be a showcase of public activities for all ages.

A lifelong resident of Abbotsford, Caldwell has been involved with groups such as Abbotsford Rotary, the Abbotsford International Air Show, Agrifair, Abbotsford Hospice, Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, Abbotsford Arts Council and Ducks Unlimited.