Election 2014: Ken Wuschke aims for council seat

City of Abbotsford: Wuschke, who moved to Abbotsford in 2010, has been active in community building in the city - Council candidate

Ken Wuschke

Ken Wuschke

Ken Wuschke has announced his candidacy for council in the November civic election.

Wuschke, who moved to Abbotsford in 2010, has been active in community building in the city, and maintains the City of Abbotsford has barriers to involving the public to discuss what they want for their city.

“We have to rebuild trust between the residents and the city council. The only way to do this is by looking at new ways to engage the public.”

Wuschke noted the importance of creating new jobs.

“Abbotsford’s unemployment rate is 8.4 per cent and according to Vibrant Abbotsford, approximately 40 per cent of people in Abbotsford are living paycheque to paycheque,” said Wuschke. “Building more commercial space that sits vacant is not the answer to creating more jobs. Bringing in employers is and especially those that offer jobs with good wages.”

He said the city must bring its affordable housing strategy up to date, look at a childcare strategy, and address the needs of homeless residents “with programs that help them achieve a roof over their head and eventually employment.”

He said council is directionless and spends money on strategies while few of the initiatives are implemented. Council must hold staff accountable through quarterly reports, he said.

He said to build trust between residents and council, they must listen to everyone and “not just special interest groups.”

Wuschke moved to Abbotsford with his wife Cheryl, and their son, Tomas. He is part of the parents advisory committee at his son’s school, advocates to keep Abbotsford’s heritage alive, and volunteers on the city’s traffic safety advisory committee, focusing on safety issues for pedestrians, disabled persons and cyclists.