Election 2014: Karen Young running for council

City of Abbotsford: Former president of Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce is seeking a seat on council - Council candidate

Karen Young

Karen Young

Karen Young, the former president of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, an advocate for the arts, an educator, and a director for a charity that works with homeless adults, is seeking a seat on council this November.

“I am committed to working on council to create a flourishing city engaging all people in dialogue and in positive action,” she said. “It is important that local government recognizes their role as stewards for the community, committed to the well-being of the people. Council carries the responsibility to inspire solutions to our community challenges; our residents will thrive by working in local jobs that provide a living wage, live in affordable homes, and enjoy recreation and entertainment that is available for all family members.”

Young said that Abbotsford has grown in unemployment and street homelessness and that businesses and charities are closing their doors or moving as they struggle with a variety of problems, which include unevenly applied civic rules and difficult relationships which persist within bureaucracy. This can be remedied by council, said Young.

She said they must continue dialogue with senior levels of provincial and federal governments to stop the downloading of expenses to the city, which translates into fewer services and higher taxes.

She said it’s important to recognize the excellent work that our non-profits undertake on a daily basis, and find ways to better allow them to do their work.

Young said she is optimistic about the future and the economic opportunities that Abbotsford affords and recognized the importance of agri-business, the airport, and the possibilities of high-tech business. Abbotsford is a great place to live and work, but that doesn’t just happen, she said.

“We must continue to work towards the quality of life that we wish for our children and grandchildren.”