Driver of beer truck fails roadside breath test in Abbotsford

Driver handed 90-day driving prohibition earlier this month after reports of erratic driving cause police to pull over tractor-trailer.

Driver of beer truck fails roadside breath test in Abbotsford

The driver of a beer truck was pulled over in Abbotsford earlier this month, and subsequently failed a breathalyzer test, the RCMP’s Fraser Valley Traffic Services announced this week.

Officers said that a white semi-truck with white lettering was reported to be driving erratically on Highway 1 through Langley on March 9, in the middle of the day. Later, another truck driver called RCMP to report that a truck of the same description and hauling a trailer was driving erratically on the highway. The caller said the driver had made a hand-gesture while passing.

Around 4 p.m., the complainant helped Mounties track down the truck in question on the highway, still in Abbotsford. After being pulled over near No. 3 road, the driver was given a breathalyzer, which he failed, and handed an immediate roadside prohibition.

The truck and the trailer, which was found to be full of beer, were towed to a local tow-yard. The owner of the trailer was then notified where the beer could be picked up. The truck driver was not criminally charged and took a taxi, along with his female passenger, to Chilliwack.

“Although this story has an element of humour and irony, this is a reminder that impaired driving is a serious matter,” said Cpl. Ronda Rempel of BC RCMP Traffic Services. “Operating any vehicle, in this case, a truck with a loaded trailer, while impaired is extremely dangerous and can have devastating outcomes.

“We are very fortunate FVTS RCMP members located the truck before a serious and possibly fatal incident occurred. We appreciate the responsible truck driver calling the police to notify us of the dangerous driver on our roads. He very likely saved a life that day.” Mounties pleaded with the public to call police to report concerning driving behaviour.