Donations provided for dog in need of surgery

Napoleon was brought to the Abbotsford SPCA in need of surgery, which he will undergo Friday thanks to public donations



A dog that was left tied to a tree for much of its life – without adequate food, water and shelter – will receive much-needed surgery thanks to the generosity of the public.

Napoleon, a dogue de Bordeaux, had been brought to the Abbotsford SPCA in need of major dental surgery as well as entropian surgery – an extremely painful condition where the eyelashes grow into the eyes – on both lower lids.

The SPCA asked the public for donations to help pay for the surgeries. The response was so great that Abbotsford branch manager Jodi Dunlop said they received enough donations that Napoleon will undergo surgery on Friday.

With more donations offered than needed for Napoleon, Dunlop told potential donors they could give to other animals in need. The SPCA received enough to provide medical care for two more dogs at the shelter.

“It’s been a great response.”

Napoleon was surrendered to the BC SPCA through a cruelty investigation Nov. 8.

Dunlop said Napoleon is currently staying with a foster family, with “an amazing application,” who are considering adoption.

Bakerview Pet Hospital in Abbotsford will perform Napoleon’s surgery for half-price, but it will still cost upward of $1,000.

As a non-profit organization, the BC SPCA is supported through public donations. To donate to the Abbotsford SPCA shelter visit or stop by in person at 34312 Industrial Way.