Cutting back red tape for business

New inter-municipal business licence project moves ahead in Abbotsford.

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce believes that a recent city decision will enable economic growth in the region by reducing red tape and expenses for business.

At its last meeting, council approved a recommendation to participate in a pilot project that would see the implementation of an inter-municipal business licence.  Mobile businesses such as contractors, caterers and service providers will now be able to purchase one licence that will allow them to conduct business in municipalities from Surrey to Hope.

Patrick Giesbrecht, president of the Abbotsford Chamber appeared as a delegation before council and presented the idea in February.

This was part of a co-ordinated presentation to respective councils by the chambers of Greater Langley, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Chilliwack.

After the initial presentation, Allan Asaph, executive director of the chamber explained how the mobile licence works.

“The way it works right now, if you are from Abbotsford and want to go and work in Mission, you take out a business licence here, then you go over to Mission and take out a business licence there. And if you do work in Chilliwack, you go and take out a business licence there,” he said.

The cost and paperwork can become complicated.

Asaph said under the new program, a business based in Abbotsford would take out an Abbotsford licence and a secondary mobile licence that allowed them to work in the other areas that agree to the program. The same would apply for other communities.

A similar motion has been passed in five of the participating municipalities and is expected to pass in the remaining three in the next week or so.

The pilot project is scheduled to start Jan. 1.


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