COUNCIL: Redekopp, Paul

City of Abbotsford: Redekopp, Paul - council candidate

  • Oct. 24, 2014 4:00 p.m.

Trinity Western/North West Bible College

Driver at Alliance Concrete Pumps

Former BC Conservative Party Candidate 2013 provincial election. Currently BC Conservative Party Vice President

East Abbotsford Whatcom area

Currently on the Board of directors at Fraser Valley Child Development Center, Volunteer with developmentally disabled adults, member at  TRBN and a marriage coach.

Married to my incredibly supportive wife Esther we have no children but lots of love to share with our nieces and nephews.

1, Our current homeless peoples situation needs to be addressed today not tomorrow, we need to find ways to help our vulnerable get off the streets and into safe shelter.

We cannot run and hide from our homeless community but rather we must find ways to reach out to them. Not tell them what we think is best for them but ask “how can we best help you?”  Forming another Gov’t run program is not the answer, instead we need to empower our not-for-profit organizations to succeed in their mission, vision and goals. Encourage and support them by providing and equipping them with the necessary tools that they need to achieve those goals.

2. Safer streets and communities for our children, seniors and motorists.

We can start by establishing an auditor general to assist city council in holding itself and staff accountable on how we spend tax payers money and the services provided. New communication strategies need to be implemented so that we may become more transparent in how we manage the city. By effectively utilizing social media outlets we should have no problem communicating with our city.

3. Property tax, user fees and the highest unemployment rates in BC and lets not forget 100 million dollars of bad debt.

With our debt is in excess of 100 million dollars, we need to spend smart and become fiscally responsible. We need to prioritize our spending and lower our taxes. A city with low tax and low debt is very attractive to new business and with that comes more jobs and a broader tax base. We all now that small business is the back bone to our economy so we must do our part to bring small/medium business to Abbotsford.