COUNCIL: MacGregor, Bill

City of Abbotsford: MacGregor, Bill - council candidate

  • Oct. 24, 2014 8:00 p.m.
Bill MacGregor

Bill MacGregor

Name: Bill MacGregor

Party Affiliation: NA

Education: Doctorate in Educational Leadership; Certified Executive Coach (CEC) Royal Roads University

Occupation: Public Servant

Previous Political Experience: 2 Terms On Abbotsford City Council

Residency: Abbotsford since 1980; Sumas Mtn since 1993

Marital Status/Children: Married with 6 Children & 4 Grandchildren


Social Media: Facebook

What do you feel are the three key issues Abbotsford voters should be considering in this civic election?

1. Jobs

2. Continued Fiscal Restraint

3. Resolution of the Homeless Issue

Plan to Deal with homelessness in Abbotsford.

This issue is now before the Courts and I am hopeful and of the opinion that it’s satisfactory resolution will be reached in the not too distant future given the excellent work done by The Task Force.

How could you make City Hall more accountable and transparent?

As one Councillor I can say with great assurance that, for the most part, one could not have a more transparent Council than the one we have. This is due to the legislation that governs ALL Municipal Government business and conduct. There are rules that govern what can and what cannot be done in public. These rules are well followed in my experience. I do believe however, that Town Hall meetings in various neighborhoods around the City such as Bradner, Clayburn, Sumas Mtn etc. have great capacity to build greater accountability, transparency and just as importantly, positive discussions that empower the relationship between the voters and their government.

Are changes required in local municipal spending? If so, what are they and how would you address them?

The simplicity of the answer to this question is a universal principle that we have both long and short term plans for. We spend on our needs and save for our wants all while operating a zero based budget. i.e. One that does not lead into debt and assigns funds to the Reserves/Savings Account.