Co-workers hope to find owner of old photos found in Abbotsford

Hundreds of pictures strewn across Simon Avenue before Christmas

Hundreds of old photos

Hundreds of old photos

Two work colleagues are hoping to locate the owner of a series of old photos that they found strewn across Simon Avenue in Abbotsford.

The pair, who don’t want their names used, came across hundreds of wet and dirty photos blown along the street just before Christmas.

They say that many of the photos appear to date back at least 50 years.

“Our initial thought was that someone may have stolen a bag from a vehicle and discarded any items that were not valuable to them, like these photos,” said one of the two.

The pair have attempted to locate the owners by asking around and posting on social media, but so far haven’t yet had any luck.

They say the name “Isaac Fehr” is mentioned in a number of cards connected to the photos. They tried to reach a person by that name whose contact information came up in a Google search but had no luck.

Anyone who might know the owner of the photos can contact reporter Vikki Hopes at 604-851-4530 or to make arrangements for their return.