City takes, but gives nothing

We have invested in a home and property on Hogberg Road for near 25 years.

  • Jul. 29, 2012 4:00 p.m.

We have invested in a home and property on Hogberg Road for near 25 years.

Abbotsford city annexed us a few years ago, and started a landslide of unbelievable events to erode our investment and our lives.

Our taxes have near doubled.

We deliver our garbage to Sumas Mountain Road for pickup – not our property line as promised at a town hall meeting.

Our property is no longer our peaceful retreat. The city has threatened us with large fines if we cut or prune our trees. This has been our source of firewood in lieu of gas.

Now they tell us to do our own ditching, at our expense, out of the corner of their mouth, and retract the statement almost immediately. Just enough to upset all of us, of course.

Our money is taken, and we are given nothing in return.

Recently we have become aware of a threat to use a large portion of our land as a buffer zone for a future park. This park would be in conjunction with Metro Vancouver. Parks are lovely, but not at our expense.

Are you city councillors considering our rights? Are you willing to do as you ask of us?

Remember Mission council when you make decisions, and think about your own future. Remember us when you make laws. Our rights as property owners and our constitutional rights must be upheld.

We do not need this stress. We are seniors living our retirement years in a house we built, on the land we have nurtured and love.

Sally Sandusky