Chicken ban continues despite appeal to council

City will still prohibit backyard flocks from being kept in urban areas

Abbotsford will continue its ban on backyard chickens.

Abbotsford will continue its ban on backyard chickens.

Two local chicken owners appealed to council to reconsider the recently upheld ban on backyard flocks, but the city has held its stance on keeping hens out of urban areas.

Council voted on Oct. 7 to continue its prohibition of urban chickens, citing concerns for neighbours and the potential impact on the agricultural centre.

Tanya Buskell and Wendy Worrall presented at Monday’s council meeting, stating that many of the city’s fears about grievances from neighbours and avian flu are not as big a concern as they have been made out to be.

She said the decibel levels of chickens clucking is much lower than a dog barking, and there is little evidence to suggest backyard flocks contribute to avian flu.

She said the city of Abbotsford is well equipped to support chicken owners, as UFV offers a class on raising backyard hens and the city is home to a provincial Animal Health Centre that can provide necessary services for chicken owners.

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