Sky the budgie perches on the car of its attempted captor, Vanessa Fleury.

Sky the budgie perches on the car of its attempted captor, Vanessa Fleury.

Budgie won’t budge: loose pet evades capture

Bird has been spotted perching near the Alpine Inn in Abbotsford

Sky the budgie has got a taste of freedom and doesn’t appear ready to budge.

The small colourful bird has been spotted around the parking lot of the Alpine Inn on Marshall Road, across the street from Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts North Poplar. It has been flying around the area for more than a week, often stopping to perch on signs for the motel and liquor store.

When word got around about the homeless animal, someone called in a mother-daughter team known for catching and helping stray pets.

“We’re kind of known for saving animals,” explained Anika Bush.

“We love animals; if we see an injured animal, a stray animal, if I see a dog running loose, I open my car door, get it in and find an owner,” Bush’s mother, Vanessa Fleury said. “To me, they’re breathing beings and they deserve it.”

They unsuccessfully tried to toss a net over the budgie without luck last Wednesday. They were, however, able to capture pictures of the bird perching on a sign advertising beer sales.

On Saturday, the Abbotsford Police Department got in on the effort after one of its officers spotted the budgie. They posted a picture of the bird on their Facebook page and quickly got a comment from Gill Kiren, who claimed to be its owner.

Kiren – who said the bird’s name is Sky – said she brought its cage and companion budgie to the area but she too was unable to bring it home.

Fleury responded to Kiren’s comment, vowing to return to the Alpine and resume the capture effort.


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