Barn fire death toll rises to 25,000 chickens

Barn fire death toll rises to 25,000 chickens

Tuesday afternoon blaze destroyed structure in west Abbotsford

The death toll from a Tuesday afternoon barn fire in west Abbotsford has risen to 25,000 chickens.

Officials initially estimated 7,000 to 10,000 birds died in the fire on Ross Road.

No humans were hurt.

The 100 metre by 25 metre chicken barn on 4184 Ross Road near Downes Road was destroyed in the fire but crews prevented the flames from spreading to a second barn.

In February, 5,000 chickens were killed in a similar barn fire in east Abbotsford.

“These types of disasters are heartbreaking for farmers, who work hard to provide the utmost in food safety and animal care standards,” said Cheryl Davie from the BC Chicken Marketing Board.

“We are awaiting more information from the proper authorities before we can comment further, but we are offering all our support to those authorities and to the farmer involved.”


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