Police blocked off multiple roads on Oct. 24 due to an ammonia leak. Dan Ferguson Langley Times

Police blocked off multiple roads on Oct. 24 due to an ammonia leak. Dan Ferguson Langley Times

Update: All roads reopened in Gloucester area

Ammonia leak from refrigeration unit at freeze-dried dog food plant has been resolved

  • Oct. 25, 2018 12:25 p.m.

All roads in the Gloucester industrial park that were closed to traffic when an ammonia leak was detected Wednesday morning have now been re-opened and the issue has been resolved, the Township announced Friday on Twitter.

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Multiple roads in Langley Township’s Gloucester industrial park remain closed after an ammonia gas leak on Oct. 24.

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The Township fire department said the gas leak, that was detected around 7 a.m. on Oct. 24, came from the refrigeration unit at a freeze-dried dog food manufacturing company in the 5200 block of 272nd Street.

According to the Township, temporary road closures remain in effect for:

  • 268 Street from Gloucester Way to 56 Avenue
  • 272 Street from 48 Avenue to 56 Avenue
  • 275 Street from 48 Avenue to 56 Avenue
  • Gloucester Way from 268 Street to 275 Street
  • 48 Avenue from 272 Street to 275 Street

Township of Langley fire chief Russ Jenkins confirmed the fire department was still off-gassing the ammonia as of 11 a.m. on Oct. 25.

“We’re hoping to reduce the evacuation zones here shortly,” he said.

The fire department is working with specialists on-site to monitor the air quality and decide when it’s safe for people to return to the area.

Many businesses were evacuated by the fire department on Oct. 24, and other businesses in the area remain closed today.

Rod Farquharson, director of Cintas Uniform Services, which neighbours the dog food manufacturer, said the business remains closed since yesterday.

“We are still 100 per cent closed.”

The closure puts 280 employees out of work for the day.

“It (affects us) greatly. One thousand customers will not see our trucks today. The one thing we have going for us is a great leadership team who will come through this. Once we’re allowed access in the building we will work 24 hours a day until we’re caught back up.”

Farquharson said his team is working together to call approximately 1,000 customers to explain the current situation. Cintas customers are waiting on deliveries of things like uniforms, aprons and chef coats and flame-resistant clothing.

Farquharson said the Langley Fire Department has been ‘amazing and co-operative.’

“They can only tell us as much as they can.”

Farquharson said he was told that the ammonia releasing process is taking longer than anticipated.

Since Cintas is in the industrial laundry business, Farquharson has been allowed back into the Cintas facility twice, escorted by the fire department, to monitor spontaneous combustion.

Farquharson said due to the nature of the business, his staff consistently need to check on the fluke meter, regardless of ammonia leaks, to ensure temperatures are consistent.

Witnesses were told on Oct. 24 that they would likely have to wait up to 40 hours before they will be allowed back into the area.

Closure updates will be posted on the Township of Langley website.


Update: All roads reopened in Gloucester area