Alderking running for Christian Heritage Party in Abbotsford

Alderking running for Christian Heritage Party in Abbotsford

The CHP touts itself as only ‘pro-life party’ in Canada

The Christian Heritage Party is running a candidate in Abbotsford this federal election.

Social activist Aeriol Alderking has been announced as the party’s standard bearer in the Abbotsford riding, which includes most of the city south of Maclure and Bateman roads.

Alderking has chaired a local Parents Advisory Council, and participated in family court and tenant issues, according to a press release.

She has also worked on the suicide epidemic among First Nations youth and the release says that one of her priorities, if elected, would be the abolition of the Indian Act and its replacement with “effective” supports.

Alderking previously ran for a spot on Abbotsford’s school board in 2011. She gained just shy of 5,000 votes, about half the amount needed to win a seat in that election.

The Christian Heritage Party touts itself as the “only pro-life party” in Canada. The party is running 45 candidates across the country, according to its website. Its leader is Rod Taylor.

Other candidates in the Abbotsford riding include incumbent Conservative Ed Fast, Locke Duncan of the People’s Party of Canada, Stephen Fowler of the Greens, Liberal Seamus Heffernan and the NDP’s Madeleine Sauve.

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