Abbotsford’s favourite park: winner revealed

Abbotsford’s favourite park: winner revealed

After several rounds of voting, readers pick between Mill Lake and Matsqui Trail

Since the beginning of August, we’ve run a bracket to determine the city’s favourite park.

We started with a wild card group of six (won by Matsqui Village Park) and proceeded to a final-four-style bracket of 16. Through all that voting, we left Mill Lake Park on the sidelines to keep things fair and preserve the dignity of Abbotsford’s other magnificent green spaces.

Perhaps surprisingly, Matsqui Trail Regional Park knocked off Sumas Mountain Regional Park and several other local favourites to triumph in that second stage of voting.

The final question was whether Matsqui Trail, a park on the city’s fringes, could knock off Mill Lake – a place frequented by thousands, boasting a ton of amenities right in the heart of Abbotsford.

The answer was: nope.

Our final vote left us with a predictable victor

Winner: Mill Lake Park – 54%

If the winner was not a surprise, perhaps the tightness of the victory is. Any visitor to the two sites can attest that Mill Lake Park tends to have far more visitors. After all, there’s a reason it needs four different parking lots, even when many users can and do walk to the park.

But the users of Matsqui Trail Regional Park came out in force and showed they love the long linear park that stretches along the south edge of the Fraser River.


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Abbotsford’s favourite park: winner revealed