Photos: Run For Water (left); Abbotsford News file photo (right)

Photos: Run For Water (left); Abbotsford News file photo (right)

Abbotsford’s best park bracket; Round three results

Sumas Mountain vs. Fishtrap Creek Park; Bateman/Stoney Creek Park vx. Matsqui Trail

Abbotsford is blessed with dozens of parks, some among the very best in the Lower Mainland. We are running a Final Four-style bracket that pits Abbotsford’s lesser-loved parks against one another. Vote for your favourite park and see if you’re in the majority. At the end, we’ll set the best of the bunch against Mill Lake Park, and see if its backers can help it knock off the city’s crown jewel. At the end of the day, hopefully you will find a new park to explore.

The third round of voting produced the tightest results of the entire bracket. The two match-ups were slugfests between a diverse quartet of parks. The fourth round of voting will determine the park that will take on Mill Lake Park in our final. Voting will again take place over the weekend both on our website and our Facebook page. You can find it and previous sets of results here.

Our original seedings, as usual, are in brackets below.

Sumas Mountain Regional Park (1) vs. Fishtrap Creek Park (4)

Winner: Sumas Mountain Regional Park – 53%

Although Sumas Mountain was our top-seeded park coming into this bracket, Fishtrap had shown remarkable strength over the first two rounds of voting, leaving this match-up as unpredictable as the tight final result suggests. Fishtrap actually polled better on our website story, but was outdistanced by Sumas Mountain in Facebook voting. Whoever won this epic match-up was slated to be the favourite in the fourth round to come.

Matsqui Trail Regional Park (6) vs. Bateman/Stoney Creek Park (7)

Winner: Matsqui Trail – 54%

Matsqui Trail squeaked out this northern Abbotsford contest. Bateman and Stoney Creek’s diverse set of offerings had shown strength over the first two rounds, but Matsqui Trail’s sheer size and unique riverfront location turned out to be too much. The result sets up an intriguing river vs. mountain match-up in round four. It’s also worth noting that neither of the two remaining parks are in central Abbotsford and with no bus stops close by, both require personal vehicles to access.

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Abbotsford’s best park bracket; Round three results