Abbotsford’s best-park bracket: Round 2 results

Abbotsford’s best-park bracket: Round 2 results

Four more parks eliminated in quest to determine city’s favourite park

Abbotsford is blessed with dozens of parks, some among the very best in the Lower Mainland. We are running a Final Four-style bracket that pits Abbotsford’s lesser-loved parks against one another. Vote for your favourite park and see if you’re in the majority. At the end, we’ll set the best of the bunch against Mill Lake Park, and see if its backers can help it knock off the city’s crown jewel. At the end of the day, hopefully you will find a new park to explore.

The second round of voting was predictably less predictable than the first, with several beloved Abbotsford parks facing off against one another.

Round two is much less predictable than the first round, with the city’s very best parks – each with legions of users – facing off against one another. Voting took place largely on Facebook; technical problems on our website only allowed for voting in one bracket. (Initial seedings are in brackets). Voting for the third round will take place over the next weekend.

Sumas Mountain Park (1) vs. Willband Creek Park (9)

Winner: Sumas Mountain Regional Park – 57%

The rugged nature and pure size of Sumas Mountain Park managed to top Willband, which still garnered plenty of support with its popular walking trails and accessible nature.

Fishtrap Creek Park (4) vs. Maclure Park (12)

Winner: Fishtrap Creek Park – 77%

This matchup was particularly good for the favourite, given that these two parks are broadly similar, with Fishtrap having a little more of basically everything.

Rotary Stadium/Exhibition Park (2) vs. Bateman/Stoney Creek (7)

Winner: Bateman/Stoney Creek – 68%

Possibly the biggest upset yet in our bracket, both these park complexes boast well-used sports fields. Rotary and Exhibition have more sporting facilities, but voters gave the edge to Bateman and Stoney Creek, with its off-leash dog area and beautiful trail. The result shows just how much Abbotsford residents prize their trails.

Aldergrove Regional Park (3) vs. Matsqui Trail Regional Park (6)

Winner: Matsqui Trail – 56%

A tight contest between two large parks on Abbotsford’s periphery. Aldergrove Regional may just be too far of a drive from the bulk of Abbotsford’s residents (and our readers).

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