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Abbotsford woman raises close to $1,000 for flood relief with cow painting

Sumas Prairie resident Shaina Conn’s creation captures moment of heroism during floods
Shaina Conn, a Sumas Prairie resident, created this cow painting and through an auction and sales, has raised close to $1,000 (Shaina Conn Instagram)

The devastation from the recent flooding to rock Abbotsford motivated one Sumas Prairie resident to use her artistic skills for a good cause.

Shaina Conn, who co-owns Heavy Metal Artworks, shared on her Instagram that she felt one particular photo summed up the heroism and desperation of the floods perfectly.

The photo captures several cows rescued on a boat to avoid the rising flood waters. Conn painted “cow 2613” - one of the cows rescued on the boat and auctioned the creation on the Abbotsford Bidding Wars Facebook group last week. All proceeds raised were to go to the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund.

“The image of the cows in this boat really got me,” she posted. “I couldn’t stop looking at it. The heroism and the desperation of the floods all in one picture. The flooding of the Sumas Prairie and Clayburn has been heartbreaking to say the least. I feel for the farmers and the animals.”

The painting sold for $410 on the Facebook group and Conn said the feedback to her art has been heartwarming. She noted that others have reached out to her and were interested in buying prints of the painting, which she is selling for $15 - with all proceeds going to the ADRF. Her efforts have now raised nearly $1,000.

She said she wasn’t totally pleased with how the painting turned out, but said she’s been blown away by the compliments and kindness of those appreciating her work.

“My painting that I doubted and almost didn’t share has raised almost $1000,” she stated. “Some people can not afford to give money, some people do not have the physical energy or well being to shovel sand bags and show up for relief efforts etc. But there is always something you can do to help, always.”

Those interested in purchasing a print can contact Conn on social media.

An Abbotsford woman created this painting and auctioned it off as a way to help raise money for the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund. (Shaina Conn Instagram)

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