Abbotsford South Liberal riding association board members resign

Board of directors quit over the nomination of Darryl Plecas.

Darryl Plecas

The entire board of directors for the BC Liberals – Abbotsford South riding has resigned over the nomination of Darryl Plecas.

According to a letter, sent by riding past-president Stephen Evans to the media late Tuesday afternoon, Plecas was “acclaimed by the Green Light Committee for the nomination of the Riding of Abbotsford South.”

He said the move left the riding association with “no other response” but to resign.

Plecas, a high-profile criminologist at the University of the Fraser Valley, announced Nov. 4 that he would run against former Liberal John van Dongen, who will be running as an independent.

Evans said the riding association was not consulted on the appointment. He also speculated that the “only reason for Darryl Plecas’ appointment was that he could not defend a challenge from Moe Gill if there was a fair nomination process.”

Plecas said he was not surprised by the resignations.

“I’ve never met any of them, but it’s my understanding that it was a group of people that were put in place by Moe Gill and they were Moe Gill supporters,” said Plecas.

He said it was his understanding that nobody else was running and that Gill was running in Abbotsford-Mission.

“I was under the understanding that I was the only person who submitted papers.”

But Abbotsford Coun. Gill tells a different story.

He said he filed all his papers, but the party refused to accept them, saying they would not approve him as a candidate.

Gill said a Liberal party representative told him he would only be allowed to run in the riding of Abbotsford-Mission.

“I call that bullying me into going to Abbotsford-Mission. I had no intention to, I had no members signed up, I have not campaigned in there and I had no intention of going,” said Gill.

He said he signed the papers at that time  “in my mind knowing that I would not be going to Abbotsford-Mission.”

He believes the Liberals want Plecas to run  unchallenged.

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The Letter

Printed below is a copy of the letter sent to the media

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with a deep sense of regret that I have accepted the resignation of My Board of Directors for the BC Liberals – Abbotsford South Riding. With this letter, I also am resigning as President of the Abbotsford South Riding Association.

The purpose of a Riding Association is three fold: 1. to sign up members; 2. to raise funds to support a campaign; and, 3. to help find and select a candidate. After being notified that Darryl Plecas will be acclaimed by the Green Light Committee for the nomination of the Riding of Abbotsford South, the Riding Association was left with no other response by to resign.

The appointment of Darryl Plecas was both unfair and not democratic. The Riding Association was not consulted on this appointment. If the Riding was consulted, the Riding Association would have stated that the memberships and Riding Association Funds were not generated by Darryl Plecas nor his campaign team. The only reason for Darryl Plecas’ appointment was that he could not defend a challenge from Moe Gill if there was a fair nomination process. This leads to the question that if Darryl can’t beat Moe Gill in a fair nomination process, how can he win against John van Dongen in an election?

It is also important to note that Darryl Plecas is an untested politician. It is also alleged that Rich Coleman and Darryl Plecas are related in some manner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly by dialing (604) 309 – 1932 or via email at


Stephen Evans


Abbotsford South – BC Liberal Riding Association

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