Abbotsford Police warn of thefts from vehicles in parks

Three such incidents were reported over the weekend.

The Abbotsford Police Department is reminding the public about the risks of leaving valuable in their vehicles, following three incidents over the weekend.

Const. Ian MacDonald said two of the thefts occurred at Mill Lake Park.

In one, a woman locked her purse in her trunk, but left her windows rolled down.

The culprit was then able to get into the car and activate the button to open the trunk.

In the second incident, the individual had locked his/her vehicle but left money, an iPod and cigarettes in plain view. The thief broke into the car and stole the items.

The third theft took place at Matsqui Trail Park. In this case, the woman had placed her purse in the trunk of her locked vehicle, but the thief broke into the trunk when she left.

MacDonald said it’s possible that the culprit watched the victims place the items in their trunks prior to the thefts.

He said these types of crimes are common at this time of year, and advised the public to either take their valuables with them when they vacate their vehicles or leave the items at home.

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