Abbotsford Police seek youths who beat up goose sitting on eggs

The bird, which was left covered in blood, is recovering, and police are investigating a second incident in which a goose died.

Nesting sites for geese are common around Abbotsford at this time of year.

Nesting sites for geese are common around Abbotsford at this time of year.

The Abbotsford Police Department is trying to track down a group of youths who beat and injured a goose sitting on its eggs last Saturday (April 27).

Const. Ian MacDonald said the goose was located in the parkade at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre which serves as a nesting area for the birds at this time of year.

It was discovered by mall security, and was covered in blood. Security then contacted an animal rescue service.

MacDonald said the animal rescue workers determined that the bird would be able to heal on its own and it was best to leave it there with the eggs.

“It was injured but it seemed not to be in terrible distress,” he said.

The workers have been checking on the bird every day, and it is healing well, he added.

MacDonald said police were notified a few days later, and a review of surveillance video showed that three boys seemed to be involved in the assault, although there were others with them in the parkade.

He said one was wielding what appeared to be a “long object” and another might have been throwing rocks at the bird.

Police have also been notified that, on around the same day, an injured goose was found at West Oaks Mall, located just west of Sevenoaks Shopping Centre.

The bird was found lying in one of the back areas outside a delivery door. It was taken to an animal rescue centre, where it died.

MacDonald said police believe the two incidents are related.

Police are unable to release images from the video because of privacy laws protecting the identities of young offenders.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Abbotsford Police Department at 604-859-5225 or send a text message to abbypd (222973).