Abbotsford police out in full force in school zones

Abbotsford police out in full force in school zones

Patrol officers out to remind drivers to slow down

Lunch bags have been packed, books opened and the bells rung. School is back, and if you forgot, Abbotsford police officers will be out in full force to you.

All patrol units will be out assisting regular traffic enforcement over the next two weeks to remind drivers 30 km/h school zones are back in effect.

“We’re such creatures of habit … Our memories seems to be short,” explained Const. Ian MacDonald.

He said people need to reprogram their driving habits as seasons shift and kids go back to school. He said most drivers who exceed school zone limits at this time of year do so unintentionally and simply need a little nudge to get back in the habit of slowing down.

Those caught going 40 km/h or so will likely receive a warning, MacDonald said, while serious violations will garner a ticket.


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