Abbotsford Police launch road-safety campaign

Nine traffic-related fatalities in 2012 prompt police to increase public awareness.

Abbotsford Police launch road-safety campaign

In response to nine vehicle-related fatalities in the community last year, the Abbotsford Police Department has launched a road-safety campaign.

The campaign began Monday with the release of a poster titled “What shape are you in while driving?”

The poster depicts the “circle of awareness,” where safe driving occurs, and the “square of oblivion,” where it does not.

“Exercise your road sense. Stay alert. Slow down. Think safe,” the poster states.

Const. Ian MacDonald points out that the circle relates to things going on outside a vehicle – such as stop signs and school zones – while the square references activities that people do while driving, such as eating and applying makeup.

He said the idea is to remind drivers that “there’s a world going on outside of your window.”

The nine traffic fatalities in Abbotsford last year were up from 2011, when there were four.

MacDonald said more posters will be released throughout the year, and there will also be videos.

As well, police will step up traffic enforcement.

“We need to do some work here, and the community needs to do some work too,” MacDonald said.