Abbotsford Police issue warning about sex offender’s release

Abbotsford Police have issued a public warning about the release of a convicted sex offender.

James Douglas Campbell

James Douglas Campbell

Abbotsford Police have issued a public warning about the release of a convicted sex offender.

James Douglas Campbell, 60, is scheduled for statutory release on Wednesday, after having served his third federal sentence, and is expected to reside in Abbotsford. His 90-year-old wife lives in the community.

Campbell’s criminal history includes sexual assault, theft, break-and-enter, forgery and illegal possession of a firearm.

He is completing a 24-year sentence for sexual offences against three girls – ages 12, nine and seven. He abducted one of the girls while she was walking to school.

Police first issued a warning about Campbell a year ago when he was granted unescorted temporary absences (UTA) from prison. His case management team opposed the UTAs, saying that Campbell had not been fully compliant with some requirements of the Sex Offender Maintenance Programming.

Campbell used the passes to visit his wife, which caused concern among neighbours, said Const. Ian MacDonald.

“They became quite vigilant in observing him and being mindful of where he was and where their children were in the neighbourhood,” he said.

One of the conditions of his UTAs was that he abstain from alcohol. The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) found that he breached that condition last September, and his UTAs were revoked.

The PBC said his alcohol consumption was “indicative of an increase in (his) risk to public safety.”

MacDonald said there have been some indications that Campbell and his wife may move from Abbotsford, but anyone who observes him breaching the conditions of his release is asked to notify police.

Those conditions include abstaining from intoxicants; not to be in areas frequented by children such as playgrounds, schools and arcades; and not to be in the company of children under the age of 16 without adult supervision.

MacDonald said a previous public warning about the release of another convicted sex offender resulted in the man moving to another community.

David Dutiaume, 24, who was convicted of the brutal sexual assault of an 84-year-old woman in Surrey in 2005, was released from prison on April 12.

MacDonald said police are “committed to working with our criminal justice partners and maintaining public safety.”