Abbotsford man shoots himself after armed standoff with police

The 41-year-old suicidal man travelled to Whistler, where officers were alerted.

A 41-year-old Abbotsford man shot himself following an armed standoff with police in Whistler on Saturday evening.

The incident began at about 3 p.m., when Whistler RCMP received a call about a suicidal male from the Lower Mainland who was on his way to Whistler.

Officers located the man’s vehicle at the south end of town and attempted to stop the driver.

The man continued into Whistler Village, stopped in a parking lot, got out of the car with a handgun, and walked to a dirt bike park, where police contained him.

The Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team was dispatched to the scene and, with the conflict negotiation team, attempted a peaceful end to the incident.

However, the man shot himself and was then taken to Whistler Health Clinic for the treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.