Abbotsford Green form elector organization

City of Abbotsford: Group to endorse independent candidates for the municipal election

The new Abbotsford Greens Elector Organization will endorse “green-minded” independent candidates in the upcoming municipal election.

A new release from the group said they are a registered elector organization and will endorse all eligible candidates that subscribe to the core principals of the Global Greens: ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, and respect for diversity.

John Vissers, president of the group, said the Abbotsford Greens are not about party politics, adding there is no party platform and no expectations of meetings with endorsed candidates once they are elected. He said that each candidate – endorsed or not – is entirely independent and responsible only to the citizens of Abbotsford.

Their stated objective is to gather like-minded citizens of Abbotsford who share in a vision of bringing sustainable approaches to the city’s economic development, planning, transportation and quality of life.

The group is challenging candidates to address issues of transportation, through things like improving bus routes, electric car charging infrastructure, safe bicycle lanes, increasing motorcycle parking and bike racks. Another focus is the environment as “a thriving, healthy Abbotsford requires not just economic and social responsibility, but also more effective environmental protection bylaws.”

The release added that they want to focus on tomorrow, in order to attract “high-tech, modern industries so our local graduates can live and work in Abbotsford.”

Finally, a focus is on families so the city can be a “destination rather than a pit stop for our children who the leave for big cities not because they don’t enjoy it here but because Abbotsford isn’t equipped to fulfill their dreams of personal, professional and economic growth.

Vissers said this week the Abbotsford Greens will seek out candidates asking for endorsement and the group expects to have a list of candidates they support by the end of the official nomination period on Friday.

For more information on the Abbotsford Greens, email or contact Vissers at 604-308-0520.