Abbotsford campaigns in final scramble to reach voters

Abbotsford campaigns in final scramble to reach voters

Greens waving signs, NDP and BC Liberals manning phones

The campaigns of Abbotsford-area candidates are in a final scramble to reach voters as the hours tick down until polls close.

Aird Flavelle and his fellow Green Party campaigners spent the morning waving signs in central Abbotsford. They’ll be back for rush hour this afternoon.

BC Liberals are spending the day manning the phones and working to get the vote out, the campaign manager for Darryl Plecas said. A team of runners collect “Bingo” sheets from polls through which the campaign can tell which of its supporters have already cast ballots.

Preet Rai and his NDP team are also spending their days on the phones, contacting voters.

Rai, who is a school board trustee and has run previously provincially, said he loves elections, but both he and Flavelle said they’re both looking forward to the campaign being over.

“I haven’t been doing anything except for this campaign for a month, so it will be nice to get some kind of life back,” Flavelle said.

Watch for continuous election coverage throughout the day and into the evening.

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