Cineplex says it will waive fees for ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ screening cancellations

Cineplex to waive fee for dog movie cancellation

SASKATOON — Theatre giant Cineplex says it is waiving cancellation fees for any groups that had booked pre-screening of the film “A Dog’s Purpose.”

The move comes amid controversy over video of what looks like a distressed German shepherd being forced into turbulent water during shooting of the movie in Winnipeg.

New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon had booked a pre-screening of the movie and some supporters had called on the group to cancel the showing after the video surfaced.

But organizers said the event would go on because they feared losing their $1,500 deposit with Cineplex. 

Cineplex spokeswoman Sarah Van Lange says the group need not worry — the company will waive the cancellation fee. 

New Hope spokeswoman Alix Tumback confirms the group will go ahead with the cancellation now that the fee is no longer an issue.

“We are not going to lose any money thanks to them,” she said. “This has been quite a weight off of our shoulders.”

The film’s producer, Amblin Entertainment, and distributor, Universal Pictures, say they are confident that “great care and concern was shown” for the dog, which they say had rehearsed the stunt for several days.

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