Top 3 Essay Writing Services That Work Worldwide

Winter term is in full swing, and whether or not the return to campus happens, one thing is certain – challenges faced by students will persist. The pandemic has made learning ever more precarious, limiting instruction to online, leaving students without peer collaboration, lively discussions, and everything they had expected from the intellectually stimulating college environment.

Meanwhile, grading depends disproportionately on written works submitted digitally instead of classroom involvement. This can be a boon for bookish and shy young people who have a way with the pen. However, those who would rather participate in a bubbly dispute may find it a new hurdle.

Love them or hate them, all those papers aren’t going to write themselves. Online services that help students with academic writing became one of the solutions. Yet which ones can be trusted to offer actual educational value for the money? We have decided to test some of the most popular companies that students recommend to each other online. Here is what our top 3 rating looks like, based on student feedback and our experience with test orders.

#1 – The Best Essay Writing Service

This custom essay writer service often gets mentioned on Reddit feeds, so it was the first to catch our attention. Unsurprisingly, it also ended up on top of our rating. It looks the most professional and polished of all the resources we’ve reviewed. The support is available through multiple channels. The ordering process is as hassle-free as you can only ask for. It really gives off that put-together vibe that makes you trust them and is also a bit aspirational – especially for students struggling to get their act together after the long break.

The rest of our experience matched that first impression and was positive as well. We didn’t contact the writer since the essay we ordered for testing purposes was short, and there wasn’t much to add to our task details. However, we see how this feature is crucial for long-term projects, so added points for that.

The paper we got as a result was aptly written. Not too ostentatious to suspect someone overqualified, but competent enough to suggest a bright student who deserves a high grade. We can see why PaperHelp routinely pops up in suggestions every time people are looking for a reliable college essay writing service.

However, this is not all they can do. The range of the services PaperHelp offers is impressive: from high school essays to PhD dissertations in academic writing, plus some business papers like resumes and reports.

This website is based in the US, but has all the attributes of the international business: 24/7 support, automatic price calculation in local currency, various international paper formats available, and robust writer base spread across the time zones to make sure there is always someone to take up your assignment and do it expeditiously. We were shown a price in CA$ below the USD price. There was also a possibility to choose the pound, Australian dollar, or euro.

The price per page depends mainly on the deadline and academic level. Some added exras can hitch the total up a bit if you wish premium features. Overall, however, the prices are fair, maybe only a tad higher than other services on the list.

#2 WowEssays – Community-Minded Legit Essay Writing Service

This essay writing service was seriously in the running for the first place. However, it lost by a tiny margin due to a less robust support system: 24/7 as well, but only via email and online chat. Still, it almost fully compensates for this inconvenience (if indeed it can be considered inconvenience in 2022) with all the free stuff it offers.

Were this rating called “top educational tools” or “writing resources,” we definitely would put WowEssays on top of this list. However, it is about the writing services, and as such, WowEssays holds it well-deserved silver.

This website offers automatic price conversion like PaperHelp, so Canadian students will find it equally easy to use. Prices are very similar as well and depend on the academic level and the deadline you set (the closer it is, the higher the price per page). The essay was delivered one day before the deadline and was written equally competent, so we have no quibbles whatsoever. As we have already mentioned, we only place this one lower because of the lack of phone support, which could be vital for urgent cases.

That said, we cannot leave unmentioned this website’s treasure-trove of an essay library and many online writing tools offered free for everyone. Over 20 tools for students from the topic generator to GPA calculator and nearly 100,000 paper samples from 1-page essays to thesis and dissertations – all cross-references and searchable by paper type, topic, subject, size, and keywords.

If you struggle with writing but still wish to cope independently, this is the place to go. Study the samples of essays similar to your assignment, edit your draft with the help of the grammar checker, polish your style with the readability checker, format it perfectly with the citation generator, and so on.

#3 Evolution Writers – Cheap Essay Writing Service That Offers Essentials

Evolution Writers definitely seems the cheapest of the three when you see a starting price per page. However, this works only for very extended deadlines. Once you set the due date to be several days away, instead of weeks, the price levels up with WowEssays. Furthermore, once you’ve selected the deadline several hours away, the price goes even higher. So, the verdict: definitely affordable, but not as the last-minute essay writing service. For that, you are better off with either PaperHelp or WowEssays. However, if you are ready to give your essay writers plenty of time, you can save considerably.

With that in mind, there is no other reason why you should look anywhere else for academic assistance. Evolution Writers clearly decided to ditch all the bells and whistles in order to better serve its target audience. There are only three academic levels: undergraduate, bachelor, and professional. The types of paper are limited to the ones you can expect as an academic assignment. However, the range is still pretty wide: from personal statements to PowerPoint Presentations and movie reviews.

The deadline for the test order was effortlessly kept, and the paper’s quality was more than satisfactory, so we can certify this as a solid third place.

The website exists in two incarnations – for the US and the UK. It has no specific provisions for Canadian customers (like automatically calculated price). Still, it can be accessed and used from Canada without any apparent trouble. Plus, you can see the estimation of the costs in the table on the “Prices” page, where you can choose CAD as a currency, among others. 24/7 support is available both via online chat and the phone. So, again, down to the essentials with the right priorities.

These are the top 3 writing services you can trust. In return, we hope we can trust you to use them responsibly: only to inform your own research and academic style. Best of luck in this term and beyond!

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