7 Easiest Ways to Go Viral on Instagram

go viral on instagramInstagram has always been a very tricky app to hack. Not only does the algorithm change constantly, but new trends flow in every day and the arena keeps getting more crowded and competitive. However, this does not mean that you do not have a chance to become another big sensation on the app. There are certain steps you can take to get viral on Instagram almost overnight. We always recommend using marketing agencies that let you increase Instagram followers and engagement for the quickest results.


The best part about Instagram is that you can easily gain fame and recognition by connecting with people who are already popular. Collaborating through reels, sponsorships, stories, etc. easily exposes your account to big Instagram crowds you didn’t have access to. When collaborating, keep the following things in mind-

  • You must offer a strong incentive to your partner, like more profit, higher engagement, free promotion of their posts, etc.
  • You must pick someone from within your niche so you can reach the perfect target audience.

Use Instagram Trends

Instagram is loaded with trends these days. There are trends related to dancing, singing, pranks, sports challenges, art challenges, etc. If you want to go viral on Instagram – you should continuously create posts replicating these trends. Here are some tips to keep in mind-

  • You should personalize the trend according to the needs of your account, audience, and niche.
  • Sometimes, you can only use the trending audio and leave out the video. However, if you want to increase engagement on Instagram, you must use the right hashtags.
  • Do not create a ‘trending content video’ if too much time has elapsed and the trend has become old.


Cross-promotion means that you talk about your Instagram content on other social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Cross-promotion can make you go viral because you can access different algorithms and get exposed to hidden audiences. To get more traffic on Instagram through cross-promotion you must-

  • First, figure out how to reach your target audience on different social media platforms.
  • Create posts that have a direct call to action, urging people to move over to your Instagram profile.
  • Always leave links to your Instagram posts or profile in captions, bio, etc.

Create Massive Engagement

We have already created posts on how you can create engagement on Instagram. Perhaps, the first thing you have to do is buy Instagram followers so you appear credible, authentic, and in-demand. Other than this you can-

  • Create interactive posts where you ask questions, put up a poll, or post a quiz.
  • Talk on a controversial subject that leads to a heated debate in the comments section.
  • Hold a contest where the person with maximum shares, or most liked comments wins a special prize.

Use New Instagram Features

We have talked a lot about collaborations and trends earlier. However, all of these make you dependent on other people and Instagram’s algorithm for your success. If you want to take control of your growth, then you must also be the one setting off Instagram trends. One of the best ways to do this is by using new Instagram features. For instance, the people who immediately started using Instagram reels after its release, are much more popular than their peers today. Instagram keeps launching new stickers, new filters, AI features, new games, etc. If you are the first one to discover the best of these- you will get viral almost effortlessly.

Post at the Right Time

Instagram is active 24/7- this means that there is always some virtual activity going on in the app. You need to keep in mind that not all of these time slots are going to give you maximum engagement. Hence, you need to do some research and find out when your audience is most active on Instagram and likely to share, comment, and like your posts. For instance-

  • For travel, the best time to post on Instagram is 7 a.m EST, Saturday
  • Children related content should be posted at 9 p.m EST on Monday and Wednesday
  • Entertainment content gets the best result on Thursday 4 p.m and Saturday or Sunday at 11 p.m

Learn from Your Competition

It might hurt to admit- but there are people on Instagram posting the same content as you, but getting far more popularity. Instead of worrying and wasting your time on jealousy, the best thing would be to learn from them and their tactics. Here are some things you should track in your rival accounts-

  • The hashtags they are using
  • The audiences interacting with them
  • The material and variation in their content
  • Their posting times
  • Their reels and collaborations


Well, the points above more or less wrap it up! Of course, there is much more that can be discussed within each of the 7 points mentioned above. However, for a general idea, this article will be very helpful. Make sure you start with these points and keep doing your research. Moreover, we will keep updating you with similar information- so stay tuned.

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