Ready for a career change?

For those looking to invest in a small business, COBS Bread offers opportunities to franchise

Ready for a career change?

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Owning a small business is all about enjoying flexibility and achieving financial security and success. Owning a franchise business can be the best and fastest way to achieve those goals.

Franchise business models remove a significant portion of the risks involved in owning a small business. Franchises have also developed and fine-tuned internal systems and processes that maximize the efficiency and ability to serve customers. COBS Bread, a well-known franchisor has already proven itself in a competitive marketplace, offering products and services to a large base of repeat customers.

As John Gilson, vice-president of COBS Bread states, “in our experience, the support offered by a franchisor was a key decision factor for our franchisees when they chose to own a COBS Bread bakery.

“Having an international support network and industry experience for over 35 years, it continues to make us proud to provide our franchisees with so much support to their overall business goals and objectives.”

With more than 700 locations and more than 35 years of experience, owning a COBS Bread franchise may be a great opportunity for you. The company offers a history of growth and success, a trusted brand, community focus, authenticity and transparency across its entire network.

COBS Bread is looking for franchisees in Abbotsford. We have both an existing site and a brand-new location available, so this is a great opportunity whether you want to own one bakery or look at a multi-site option.

If you think you have what it takes to share in COBS’ success, and help create even more, contact the franchise team at