Personal Power Reading MovieMini by Astrology.TV Reviews: Birth Chart, Future Life Purpose

The Personal Power Reading Mini Movie is a service offered through Astrology.TV by astrologer Kelli Fox. Kelli reads the user’s birth chart, using this information to make a recommendation about what they can do to take control of personal and professional abundance in their life.

What is Astrology TV?

The power that astrology holds in the hearts of many people is incredible. Even for the skeptics, there is something about astrology that makes people believe there could be a bigger power than themselves that is moving their life in a certain direction. Though there are many websites that easily show them their daily horoscope with some cliché message, Astrology.TV is substantially different.

Upon entering the website, consumers are asked to start by selecting their zodiac sign from the 12 images being displayed. Once they choose their zodiac sign, a video will begin to learn about the user’s astrology reading, giving them a beautiful assortment of constellations to view. Then, they’ll need to enter their name and birthdate to allow the website to show the user their Life Purpose.

Entering their name will connect the user with another video that tells them more about their zodiac sign and what it means for their future. This video is only the first part of the reading, and users will be introduced to the idea of a Soul Reading next. With the Shadow Reading, consumers will learn about the parts of their life and self that are currently keeping them from the life that they want to have. The only way to access the Shadow Reading is by entering their email address.

The video for the Shadow Reading will start playing immediately after. The reason that Shadow Reading is so important is because it allows users to understand what they need to get through to lead them to the life they ought to have. There’s no reason to continue being held back, and they can finally get the peace and balance that they want in their life. Essentially, it helps the user to get back to who they truly are. This video leads users into receiving a Fortune Reading.

When the user has the opportunity to get their Fortune Reading, they will be given the choice of agreeing to receive it or not. If the user chooses to get their Fortune Reading, they’ll learn about how the planets from their birth chart show who they are and what they have available to them in the future. At the end of the brief video, users will meet Kelli Fox and learn what they could gain from the Personal Power Reading Mini-Movie.

About the Personal Power Reading Mini Movie

In the Personal Power Reading Mini Movie, consumers will learn what they can do to make the most of their future. The next video is approximately 10 minutes long, explaining that consumers can unlock their personal power without all of the current resistance in the universe. They help users to release their stress and learn about their talents, passions, and more secrets that they may not have acknowledged. These details help the user to make a change to a life of abundance.

Buying Access to the Personal Power Reading

To purchase the 30-minute Personal Power Reading, users must pay $37 on the official website. With the purchase, consumers will get access to the Personal Power Reading Mini Movie and the following bonuses.

  • My Past Life Reading
  • My Best Days Calendar
  • My Romance Roadmap
  • My Prosperity Blueprint

Users will be covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology.tv and the Personal Power Reading

What is a Shadow Reading?

A shadow reading shows users the parts of their life that are currently holding them back from the path that they are supposed to be taking.

What is a Fortune Reading?

In a Fortune Reading, users will learn what has kept them from reaching a life of abundance and what they need to do to achieve their life’s purpose.

Who is Kelli Fox?

Kelly Fox is an experienced astrology who has already worked with thousands of people who want to use their birth chart to create a life of happiness. She offers guidance with the information she learns of each person’s birth chart, showing them how to get the opportunities they need.

How is this purchase different from a horoscope?

With a horoscope, consumers will read a message that is for anyone born under their zodiac sign. With a Personal Power Reading Mini-Movie, users will get a reading that is customized to their specific birth chart for the clearest answers possible.

How much does a reading cost?

For the initial reading about the user’s personality of their zodiac sign, users won’t have to pay a thing. However, for advanced readings, the cost is $37.

How do consumers know what their sun/moon sign is?

Users can check the free chart wheel on the official astrology.tv website. Users can check their planet sides as well.

How can consumers educate themselves about astrology?

Consumers who want to learn more can sign up to be mentored by the Silver Circle. The Silver Circle offers a course in astrology and a monthly masterclass by Kelli Fox that is held over a Zoom meeting.

Can users get access to a horoscope every day?

To subscribe for access to daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, users can enter their email address on the official website.

To learn more, submit a question with the form at https://astrology.tv/contact/.


Astrology.tv allows consumers to learn more about astrological predictions that could guide them into a life of abundance and positive manifestation. Multiple readings are available in short but free videos that will warm them up to the idea of the mini-movie reading offered. Consumers will get access to tons of free and low-cost content, and they can sign up for the included newsletter for daily predictions for their sun sign.