5 tips to boost your daughter’s self-esteem

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, Abbotsford, empowers girls with national #beyougirl campaign

Fast fixes for struggling seniors

ACS - Helping people of all ages, especially elderly

  • Aug 15th, 2016

I couldn’t hear them and I was the butt of the joke

'I wish I had addressed my hearing loss much, much sooner. It opens up everything,' says Paul Rodriguez

  • Aug 8th, 2016
Christmas lights at 1405 Kaslo Court
    Abbotsford Police Department Appreciation Day
      Highstreet Holiday Show
        VRKADE opening

          One purchase that will guarantee savings

          Final discounts on 17 Hondas in recognition of Abbotsford BC Summer Games

          • Aug 5th, 2016

          The secret to staying active in retirement

          Advantage Rehab collaborates with its clients to set meaningful goals for their rehab programs

          • Jul 25th, 2016

          Bored kids? This could be the answer

          This will make it easy to get the kids off the couch this summer

          • Jul 12th, 2016

          Hearing aids saved our marriage

          Lynn Swainston say improving her husband John's hearing the 'best thing we've ever done'

          • Jul 11th, 2016

          Kids have learning options

          Virtual schooling offers online advantages for some students

          • Jul 4th, 2016

          6 Reasons to Plan a Vacation To Cultus Lake This Summer

          Here are just a few of the many reasons to venture to Cultus Lake this summer.

          • Jun 27th, 2016

          Why hiring a licensed contractor will protect your home and business

          Work done without a licence or permit can lead to six times as many safety hazards, according to the BC Safety Authority

          • Jun 20th, 2016

          Summer activities for kids: Outdoor fun, life lessons, family time and good manners

          Fraserglen Golf Course and Training Centre provides beginners the opportunity to enjoy the fundamentals of golf

          • Jun 19th, 2016

          Local family sets record

          Nearly one-third of all VIP Mazda’s employees have been with the family for close to 10 years or longer.

          • Jun 13th, 2016

          BCAA wants public’s help deciding winner of $100,000 play area revitalization

          Five finalists selected from Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Kootenays and the Thompson Okanagan

          • Jun 6th, 2016

          How to be great at Sparkle

          The Sparkle Project BC is proud to present its first annual Empowerment Event

          • Jun 6th, 2016

          The truth about stress

          There are different ways to address stress such as meditation, exercise, therapy, and last but not least, nutrition.

          • May 27th, 2016

          Communities come together for BCAA Play Here

          Nominations roll in for initiative that will award up to $100,000 to create a play space or upgrade an old one

          • Apr 25th, 2016

          Five tips for choosing proper footwear

          Choose the wrong shoes and you could end up with sore feet

          • Apr 25th, 2016

          Emotional healing through equine therapy

          It’s not easy being a youth trying to find your way in this big messy complicated world

          • Apr 18th, 2016

          Nominate a play area and change a child’s life with BCAA’s Play Here Initiative

          BCAA to award up to $100,000 each year to repair or revitalize playgrounds

          • Apr 5th, 2016

          Five tips to survive the Fraser Valley Food & Gluten-Free Living Show

          More than 15,000 visitors set to visit the show April 1-3 at TRADEX in Abbotsford

          • Mar 28th, 2016