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Final discounts on 17 Hondas in recognition of Abbotsford BC Summer Games

The Honda Way. Photo: Lola Hall

The Honda Way. Photo: Lola Hall

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Sometimes it takes a simple idea and a solid plan to find a creative way to extend value, while at the same time provide a great community service.

In this particular case, The Honda Way was looking to deliver tremendous value at an opportune time to assist would-be automotive shoppers with cost savings including a measure of community goodwill thrown in.

The 2016 BC Summer Games in Abbotsford and The Honda Way supplied Games volunteers and committee members with the means to shuttle personnel in new Hondas during the Games.

Brian Choo, general manager of The Honda Way explains, “When the idea to get involved with the Abbotsford B.C. Games was presented to us, our management team jumped at this fantastic opportunity to share in the spirit of our great community!

“We recently moved to our new location in the Fraser Valley Auto Mall as a direct result of our dealership growth and the surging demand for the Honda brand.

“Our expansion is a result of our desire to serve our customers better. Every inch of our new facility has been planned and inspired to make the experience better, faster, smoother and more comfortable. We now have 17 service bays, automated car wash, two-bay inside drive-through service, 10-vehicle indoor showroom, and children–TV–coffee bar, all in an airy, well-lit environment.

“We have tripled our dealership’s size in anticipation of better serving our customers schedules while providing convenience and comfort, too!”

This new facility is the first in Canada to incorporate the new Honda brand image.

As a result of the Abbotsford B.C. Games and our sponsorship commitment, we are offering substantial discounts on the remaining 17 nearly new Hondas.

If you are one of the many savvy car shoppers looking to save money this summer, look no further for your chance to capture a nearly new Honda with gold medal savings!

Check out the lineup of Games vehicles at The Honda Way.

Photo left to right: – Stan Petersen – VP Abbotsford BC Games, Brendon Hall – The Honda Way, Steve Carlton – president Abbotsford BC Games, Janet Barrie – director Abbotsford BC Games, Lola Hall – owner The Honda Way.


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