Dr. Nisha Dogra, of Advanced Genomics

Dr. Nisha Dogra, of Advanced Genomics

Now in Abbotsford: Gene testing to help you take control of your health

Advanced Genomics shows knowledge is key to wellness

For many years, Dr. Nisha Dogra watched her mother struggle with complications from diabetes, complications that eventually took her life.

That and other life experiences prompted her to look at health in a new way. “I have lost my parents and I have lost some of my nears and dears,” reflects Dr. Dogra, with a PhD in molecular biology and founder of Advanced Genomics, a preventive healthcare company focusing on early information about health conditions through gene testing and early intervention through a natural consulting program. After serving Delta and Surrey since 2008, they now bring this comprehensive health assessment to Abbotsford.

“Why not, when you are healthy, take control of your health? Living a life is very different than just living to breathe.”

360-degree approach to wellness

Believing the time to focus on your health is before you get sick, Dr. Dogra takes a four-pronged, 360-degree approach to wellness: Genetics, lifestyle, nutrition and environment.

“We take all these areas into consideration and spend the time with clients to get to know them well – it’s very, very personalized,” says Dr. Dogra, an author and researcher.

Too often, we wait until we show symptoms of illness to adjust our habits or seek care. But if we’re aware early of potential problems that could show up later, it’s easier to take steps to prevent them, she says, pointing to the value of healthy nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention.

Live in the light, not the dark

Advanced Genomics offers full-body assessment, looking at what’s going on inside your body through blood, urine and saliva testing, plus family history, lifestyle, diet and more to learn the root cause of the health conditions, health risk of the diseases you can get from parents or grandparents or diseases you can pass on to your children.

If an inherited predisposition to a condition is possible, for example, gene testing can show if risks may be present, allowing clients to adjust lifestyle or dietary factors to reduce that risk.

If testing indicates a person may not be at risk, there’s freedom in that too.

Looking only at symptoms, rather than root causes of those symptoms, conditions can also be misdiagnosed, leading to treatments that may not work or even worsen the present condition, and create new problems.

“If there is a predisposition, there are preventive measures you can take. If not, you don’t have to worry. It’s living in the light, rather than living in the darkness. These are very important tools to see where you stand, what is the status of your health, including your internal organs like liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and brain at molecular level,” Dr. Dogra notes.

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