Five tips for choosing proper footwear

Choose the wrong shoes and you could end up with sore feet

Five tips for choosing proper footwear

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Proper-fitting shoes make all the difference whether you walk or run. Choose the wrong shoes and you could end up on the couch nursing aching feet instead of enjoying the great outdoors.

For over 25 years Kintec has been helping people stay active and on their feet, for life. They design custom orthotics to correct foot function, alleviate pain, and help their clients stay active. They also offer sports medicine, including custom bracing solutions from feet to shoulder injuries, as well as run clinics geared towards those wanting to embark an active, healthier lifestyle! Kintec Abbotsford manager and pedorthist, Mikaela Narum offers her insight on choosing proper footwear.

5 tips for choosing proper footwear

1. Know your foot arch

Try this simple and fun “wet foot test.” Simply wet one of your feet and step on a sheet of paper while walking over a flat surface. Now compare your impression to the image to find your foot arch type.

2.  Know your foot size and shape

Not all feet are created equal. Make sure when you measure your feet you measure your length and width. An experienced shoe-fitting expert will be able to recommend a specific shoe style based on your foot width requirements.

3. Know your shoes

Running, hiking, walking and cross training all place different demands on your shoes and feet. Know the activity you need your shoe for and choose accordingly. No matter how good your sandals are, we don’t recommend hiking “The Chief” in them.

4. Proper Flex-Point

Shoes need to work with your feet – not against them. Shoes should flex naturally at the ball of your foot, not in the middle. (Excludes minimalist shoes).

5. Comfort

At the end of the day, your comfort is the primary concern. Try on the shoes and walk around as much as possible. As always, the best course of action is to see an experienced shoe-fitting expert who understands the qualities of each individual shoe and how they will work for you.

Kintec recently opened up a new location near Abbotsford Centre and is hosting their official grand opening celebration on June 3-4. This new location boasts a much broader selection of footwear, orthotics, bracing, and accessories. The grand opening celebration will have door crashers, giveaways, and more! Running apparel and nutrition will also be carried at Kintec Abbotsford, which will be available immediately and complement the re-launch of their run clinics in fall 2016. Whether you’re an avid runner or a periodic pavement pounder, happy feet make a big difference.









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