Fast fixes for struggling seniors

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Fast fixes for struggling seniors

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“Mr. Mahood is my neighbour,”  Jack begins. “Several times he mentioned to me that he is living on a very meagre income.”

Jack had found his way to the Senior Services program at Abbotsford Community Services trying to find someone who could help.

As it turned out, Mr. Mahood was behind on filing income taxes for a number of years, which led to many of his pension payments being withheld.

“It happens quite frequently with seniors,” says Director of Senior Services Christina Ragneborg.

“They move or misplace documents and fail to notify the appropriate agencies of their new address. Things can snowball pretty quickly after that and many seniors simply become overwhelmed, especially when it comes to government paperwork.”

After a few hours, Christina had filed all the paperwork and notified the appropriate agencies. With good neighbours like Jack and others who will keep an eye out for him and his best interests, his remaining years will probably be good ones.

“In many of these cases it is actually a very simple and easy fix,” notes Ragneborg. “It’s just a matter of getting all that paperwork done and keeping current with it.”

This is one of the very vital services Abbotsford Community Services has to offer for seniors. People just need to know that this kind of help is only a phone call away. Call 604-870-3763.

Need help with any other government applications, forms or paperwork? Not sure what resources are available to you in the community as a senior?

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