Communities come together for BCAA Play Here

Nominations roll in for initiative that will award up to $100,000 to create a play space or upgrade an old one

Communities come together for BCAA Play Here

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Amazing things can happen when a community comes together for a common goal.

It’s like magic: A need is noticed, a transformation is instigated, and a neighbourhood is rewarded for its togetherness.

In this case, the need is for a revitalized community play space – be it a park, a playground, a sporting facility or an after-school study area.

Nominations are rolling in for BCAA Play Here – an initiative that will award a community with a revitalization worth up to $100,000 to create a play space or upgrade an old one.

Successfully maintaining a fun and safe play area for children of all ages is not an individual effort — it takes the entire community.

In many neighborhoods, there are often groups like Parent Advisory Councils, neighbourhood residence associations, groups of concerned parents or block watch that raise awareness and funds for renewal projects.

However, BCAA Play Here may be the missing piece in turning those plans into a reality by offering major financial assistance.

Imagine if a group of determined parents banded together and decided this was their best shot to enact real change.

First, they would visit the website and review the nomination tips on Then, they would meet to discuss and craft their application. This may include pictures and an explanation about how the play area is, or can become an integral part of the community. They might even film a quick video with local community members talking how a complete revitalization would enrich the lives of children and families in the area. Then, they would submit the nomination, knowing that no matter what happened next – they did it!

If it’s an area where children can spend their time learning and developing valuable life skills, then BCAA is encouraging you to enter a quality nomination through its website until May 1.

The steps are simple, but the results could have a long-term impact on the camaraderie of a neighbourhood and the safety of its children. For more information, visit

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