Learning to code can be a fun and engaging process for kids at Code Ninjas.

Abbotsford coding school offers fun-based programs to keep kids excited about learning

Stop fighting over screen-time – use it as a learning experience instead!

“Ten more minutes and you have to take a break!” Sound familiar?

If your kid is obsessed with Minecraft, YouTube or Fortnite, chances are this is a near-daily conversation in your home. For what it’s worth, you’re not alone!

For most families, screen-time is simply a part of childhood today but what if screen time could be an opportunity for your child to develop skills that will serve them well later in life?

Code Ninjas is the leading educational resource that helps kids turn their natural interest in gaming into practical skills that will help them stay ahead later on in life.

Learning to code can be a fun and engaging process for kids at Code Ninjas.

The technology field is growing rapidly and for parents hoping to give their kids the best head start in life, that now includes helping them learn how to be safe online, manage their own screen time and how to both understand technology and how to develop it.

Learning how to code can be a great way to let your kids explore their interests in a healthy way. Utilizing popular games and online platforms, kids learn how to code while doing things that they already enjoy. This approach keeps them engaged and excited to learn.

“We offer two main programs – the ‘Create’ program and our ‘Camp’ program. Kids start at a ‘White Belt’ level with the goal of becoming ‘Black Belt’ coding ninjas who have developed a diverse set of transferable skills they can use throughout their lives,” says Shaun Tyers, one of Code Ninjas Abbotsford owners. “The afterschool program is offered to kids 5 through 15 and the Camp Program is a year-round program that allows kids to focus on more specific interests they are uniquely interested in.”

Create Program:

  • Learn To Code While Building Engaging Video Games.
  • Create, play and learn at their own pace.
  • Develop skills in coding, robotics and problem solving.
  • Designed to be so fun and engaging that kids don’t even realize they are learning.

Camp Program:

  • Students can focus on more specific areas of interest
  • Customized to meet the needs of individual students

Spring and Summer registration for both programs is open now and spaces are filling up quickly. You can learn more about Code Ninjas and their programs online here, you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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