Abbotsford is a university town

University of the Fraser Valley

Home to the main campus of the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), Abbotsford reaps the benefits of having a post-secondary institution.

UFV and Abbotsford have grown together since 1974. The school now serves more than 16,000 students, most of them in Abbotsford.

UFV’s operating budget is about $100 million a year, with a major economic, social and cultural impact on this community.

UFV provides a wide range of educational options. Having a university in the community helps attract new business, and offers many benefits. There are often lectures, workshops, conferences and sporting events for the public to attend.

In addition, UFV alumni are found in every sector of the workforce in the Fraser Valley.

UFV and the City of Abbotsford are working more closely together than ever on two exciting projects.

The city is working to create a lively university district, adjacent to the Abbotsford campus.

And UFV recently announced a new spinoff location in the Clearbrook Library. This centrally located campus will help connect UFV directly with the community, municipal services, and local businesses.

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