LETTER: Make parking free for health care workers during pandemic

Province urged to ease financial burden and stress by giving workers free parking during crisis

LETTER: Make parking free for health care workers during pandemic


I am a longtime resident of Abbotsford, and a mother of two young adults in careers considered to be essential services. One is a police officer and one is a nuclear medicine technologist working (on an on-call basis) out of four different hospitals in the Lower Mainland, including Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

To say I am concerned about their well-being is an understatement, but they willingly continue to serve the citizens of B.C.

I learned recently that transit fees were not being collected during this time of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

That got me to thinking that the provincial government should remove all parking fees for health-care workers immediately.

I know there are bigger fish to fry at the moment, but when my daughter only gets limited shifts because of her low seniority, lives on her own and pays her own bills, I see it as an added expense she doesn’t need right now.

They are being asked to go to work, putting themselves in harm’s way, when most are being asked to stay home.

Maybe we can help to ease this added financial burden, in a small way, by removing parking fees for these front-line workers.

J. Olson