LETTER: Let’s not forget our seniors

LETTER: Let’s not forget our seniors

‘The majority of our seniors are just getting by, and need help’


Over the past few weeks, our federal government has been doling out dollars to small businesses, students, childcare workers, charities, and others due to COVID-19. But there has been no mention of seniors, our society’s largest demographic group.

Most are just surviving on their personal pensions, seeing the everyday costs rise on groceries, medicine and other services – they too need some emergency dollars. Some seniors are seeing their savings dwindle down due to the added costs of living today.

Billions of dollars have been spent, and more will be given out while this virus remains. The majority of our seniors are just getting by and need help.

They are following the rules of self-isolation, possibly suffering stress and mental disorders, and not seeing their family and friends.

Trudeau evades the questions pertaining to seniors, who are a very important part of our society, and they too require some financial assistance.

A suggestion: A new bill. Seniors with net-income earnings of $25,000 or less require financial aid, tax free in the amount of $250 a month for suggested time period.

These individual’s needs should be addressed immediately. Our seniors have given so much to our great country and deserve to be treated in a rightful manner.

Bill Thompson

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