Stealing the spotlight: Abbotsford youngster lights it up on the big screen

From a Power Wheels commercial to appearing opposite A-list stars on the big screen, Darien Provost has accomplished a lot in the past six years.

Ten-year-old Darien Provost has been featured in numerous movies

Ten-year-old Darien Provost has been featured in numerous movies

From a Power Wheels commercial to appearing opposite A-list stars on the big screen, Darien Provost has accomplished a lot in the past six years.

That’s a pretty big statement considering he’s only 10.

The Abbotsford resident was discovered by his agent at an acting convention where his two older sisters were taking part. His flowing curls and energetic vibe got him noticed.

Provost started shooting commercials, promoting toys for Hasbro and Fisher Price.

TV shows were next, including spots on Supernatural, Psych and Aliens in America.

Filming movies, both made-for-TV and for the big screen, soon followed.

He’s since played checkers with Billy Ray Cyrus between takes on the set of Christmas in Canaan, learned how to get into character from Keanu Reeves while shooting The Day the Earth Stood Still, and laughed it up with a tutu-wearing Dwayne Johnson – a former wrestler – while filming Tooth Fairy.

Provost’s two latest projects include a guest-starring role on an episode of YTV’s Mr. Young, which will air this summer.

Provost had to play his part with comedic flair, memorize a large script and film in front of a live audience, making it his hardest job yet. But, according to his mom Lynda, he pulled it off with ease.

In July, the movie The Fairly Odd Parents will premier on Nickelodeon, which is based on a popular animated series by the same name.

Provost is a supporting lead actor in the film, which stars Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander and Nickelodeon’s Drake Bell.

Making the move away from commercials was an important shift.

His audition calls were becoming overwhelming. Provost remembers when he had seven auditions in the same number of days.

It began interfering with homework, so he started home school. He also had to accept that he wouldn’t always be able to attend birthday parties, or plan family events too far in advance in case of a last-minute audition.

While the latter is still something Provost deals with, it’s well worth it.

“It’s my passion,” he said, adding that he’s as driven as ever to hone and develop his skills.

During his six years of acting, he’s mastered the part of adorable youngster.

“I haven’t really started with the mature roles yet,” he said. “You know – like the kissing ones.”

He wants the opportunity to play characters with bigger parts that also have a serious side.

According to Lynda, he’s almost at the age where he’s getting too old to play the really young roles and too young to play the older ones.

As Provost progresses, he’s finding that the scripts are getting larger and the competition is growing.

Luckily, script memorization is something that comes naturally to him.

He only needs to read a script about two or three times until he can rehearse a scene with his mom.

On the other hand, getting into character is something that takes Provost more time and practise.

Closing his eyes and letting his character’s persona take over is his trick.

But rather than just connecting with a character mentally, Provost is hoping to connect physically.

Getting a role that allows him to fly a plane, like the girl in Fly Away Home, one of his favourite movies, or even one that requires drag racing would be ideal.

A sports flick that centres around basketball, or a war film so he can “run around” are also on his list.

The opportunity to constantly experience something different is his favourite part of acting.

“I want to have a whole bunch of jobs when I’m older, but with acting I can do it all. Today I can be a cook and tomorrow I can be an astronaut. You never know what tomorrow will bring.”

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