Rockin' River Day Three

Rockin' River Day Three

Rockin River Crowd Hits Over 10,000 on second day

Randy Houser new headline act tonight at Rockin' River

Insider News from Victoria Gill – Attending all three days of Rockin’ River.

Majority of the crowd continued to be pleased with Chris Buck Band’s performance in between stage set-ups yesterday evening.

The Road Hammers’ high octane live shows and signature blend of southern fried rock and country soul have earned them a reputation as one of the highest energy bands in Canadian Country. The crowd was super engaged and spectator Bill Bielak said it was by far the best performance of the evening and perhaps even of the entire event so far.

Terri Clark had a tough act to follow and kept the crowd buzzing after The Hammers.

Throughout the evening numerous individuals told The News how they felt about Randy Houser being named as the replacement act and the answer was pretty unanimous. Barry Thibodeau said he likes Randy Houser better anyways. Matt Foote did say that he`s disappointed Rascal Flatts cancelled but is “super stoked” that Randy Houser is the replacement. Cam Slater having been there all day and talking to various different people said Randy Houser replacing Rascal Flatts is “awesome news”, everyone seems happy about that. Sandy Veltin said she always buys her tickets before the artists are even announced because it doesn’t matter to her who`s playing, it`s always a good time at Rockin River.

I have personally enjoyed attending this year’s event and mixing with the crowd. I am looking to tonight where Randy Houser will take the stage at 10:30pm!